** Note that some of these files are large in size and will take a few moments to download so please be patient.

Ken Annandale - Actrac Overview of OHS Act (1.2MB .ppsx)

Prof. Henri Fouche - Forensic Crime Investigation (4.3MB .pps)

Prof. Henri Fouche - Forensic Evaluation of CCTV (0.8MB .pps)

Prof. Henri Fouche - Piracy on the high seas (0.5MB .pps)

Theo Botha (UJ) - Proactive Security and Emergency Preparedness (1MB .ppsx)

Michael Langley (UCT) - OHS Presentation (2.6MB .ppsx)

Dr John Burger - Crime Profile and Crime Hub (6MB .pps)

Theo Venter - A look at the socio-political context of Higher Education Institutions (1.7MB .ppsxx)

Kevin Buret (Sukema) - E9 Alert Button On Your Phone (5.2MB .pps)

Act No.2 of 2010 (0.3MB .ppsx)

Pro-Forma Application Section6(1) Annual Event Risk

Pro-forma Section6(3) Application Low Risk Events

Safety Act as Promulgated (1.3MB .pdf)

The Practical Implications of SASREA Regulations

Schedule 1 Pro-forma Section 8(1) & 8(4) Application

Schedule 2 Pro-forma Section 8(1) & 8(4) Safety Certificate

Schedule 3 Pro-forma Section 9(1) Application

Schedule 4 Pro-forma Section 9 Safety Certificate

Schedule 5 Pro-forma Section 10(1) Application

Schedule 6 Pro-forma Section 10(1) Safety Certificate

Schedule 7 Pro -forma Section 10(3) Application

Schedule 8 Pro-forma Section 10(3) Safety Certificate

Schedule 9 Pro-forma Section 13 Application for Amendment

Schedule 11 Pro-forma Appeal NoticeSection42

Schedule 10 Pro-forma Section 13 Approval Local Authority


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