The Award is open to any Campus Patrol Officer, Access Control Officer, Surveillance Officer, Traffic Officer, Investigation Officer and Administrative staff within Campus Protection whether employed in house or by a Service Provider.

Criteria for selection:

A report must be submitted to the Institution’s head of Risk Management who will approve the nomination and send it to the Executive Secretary of CAMPROSA who will in turn submit it to the Executive Committee for approval. The following needs to be included in the submission:

  1. Position held by the nominated person.
  2. Date and time of incident/situation
  3. Place where the event took place
  4. Nature of the event
  5. Degree of difficulty
  6. Duration of the event
  7. What role did the nominated person take in the event
  8. Degree of involvement
  9. Sacrifices made in dealing with the event.
  10. Any photographic/video evidence would assist in determining the successful candidate.


The award sponsored by G4S will include the cost of travel, full attendance at the conference, including accommodation and a cash award presented at the conference.


John Tunstall

Executive Secretary



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